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  1. Enoch says:

    Hi Kevin, I have been with my wife for 15 years. Throughout that time she told me that she no longer even looked at other men. I believe this is true, though there was male friend I’m sure was pursuing her and she was flattered. This year we moved state, for me at least it was to get rid of her spinster sisters, and dominant mother who seem to think they own our kids.

    My wife went ahead to start her new job while I stayed to sell the family home. When I finally got there she absolutely ravaged me and demanded sex in all new and unusual ways. I figured she’d just been watching porn to satisfy herself while I wasn’t there but no, she had got on adult dating sites and hook up sites and started an online affair with some guy in another state. She may have been doing it with local guys on hook ups – who knows?

    I should mention she is/was alcohol reliant and drinking heavily over this period. She also had the classic guilty thing going on where she would find fault in everything I did and denigrate me for my short-comings.

    One day while browsing the internet I accidentally brought up her email and there was a video of him choking the chicken and a whole bunch of x-rated conversation logs between them. I so upset I stormed out. She swore as I walked out the door she would cut all contact. I came home and didn’t talk to her for a week – very passive I know. A week later I was out of town on business and the kids were interstate with their grandparents. When I came home I was doing some online banking and noticed she had booked plane tickets. She had emailed our old vet for vaccination certificates put the dogs into a boarding kennel, driven to the airport, put the car in lock up and by 4pm was with him for the next 3 days.

    This whole thing has happened very recently and I was in a mess. I went to see a psychologist and discussed what happened. The psychologist asked; “is she high maintenance emotionally?” – Yes. “Does she have compulsive behaviours?” – Yes. “Does she do things like buy herself things when she feels upset or has a fight with you? – Absolutely! And then she asked, “Was your wife sexually abused as a child?” She was.

    The psychologist then explained to me that all paedophiles have a grooming process and that that process provides tangible rewards for emotional pain. She explained that probably 70% of women who use hook-up sites have experienced sexual abuse. Her opinion, without seeing my wife, is that the affair was symptomatic of her separation from me, the kids and her family.

    So I have some understanding and empathy for her. So it’s not as simple as, “you cheating lying bitch get out of my life”. She has stopped drinking and is seeing a psychologist. The kids deserve a mum who is fixed. We are, at least for the moment separated. I can live either way I guess, with her or without. I still have deep feelings for her. I am not really asking you for advice about whether we should get back together but I would like to know your thoughts on how to manage if we did.


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