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  1. Gina says:

    Dear Mr. Jackson,
    I am glad I came across your website. I am a wife who has been cheated upon by my husband of 27 years. He had sex with a prostitute when he was on a business trip in Manila. According to my husband the prostitute approached him on his walk from the hotel to the mall. She asked him if he was alone and in need of some afternoon company and he responded yes. He said he had 1o seconds of sex with a condom and that’s when he realized what he was doing was wrong. He waited 9 months to confess his adultery to me. I am beyond bitter, angry, unforgiving and the list goes on! (I’ve gone for STD/HIV testing 3x and thank goodness I am negative) It has been 4 months since his “confession”. I applaud the men on here who have the strength to forgive and to move on with a cheating spouse. We work together in our company business and it is so hard to keep it together infront of our employees as they don’t know. My husband has been in the doghouse and sex is non-exsistent.He was making mistakes at work, and forgetting simple things and having night sweats, I chalked it up to stress at work b/c when I would ask him “what’s wrong” he would continually reply “I’m just stressed with work and the stock market”, he couldn’t even tell me the truth to my face. We finished 2 months of marriage counselling and seeing our catholic priest but I still feel like I am back at square one. Thank you for allowing me this opportunity to tell my story of betrayal.

    • shane says:


      just been reading your letter on the website and just wanted to ask if your marriage survived only my wife cheated on me and I was lucky enough to catch her out but was bloody shocked when I did as never expected her doing such a low level thing in first place .
      That was 23 years of marriage put on the line and im still on tender hooks after nearly 2 yrs

  2. David Lozano says:

    recently I found out my wife of 16 years was having an affair for 6 months, I luckily found yourwords to be strong and inspiring since i have no one to talk to about this,I was on my way to forgiveness thanks to your help it is tough, but just found out she has been pregnant for 3 months last night because of it, to say it just became complicated is an understatement, I dont know what to do. I still want the marriage to work, Im so distraught, but to me this is the ultimate kick a man while he is down type of thing. Any advice please.

  3. Paul says:

    I just found out after 18 years of being with my wife that she cheated on me during our honeymoon . She stayed at the dance floor when I went to bed . She was dancing with this Jamaican guy who happened to be a prostitute . From what I gather my wife could of been involved with multiple guys that night engaging in what was an orgy in the after hours of the bar closure.
    How can anyone heal from such a blow?

  4. AD says:

    my wife cheated on me with a co-worker, we have been married for 25 years

  5. kg says:

    Its been tough.

  6. JA says:

    For the past few weeks i have notice that my wife ( of 2 years) was acting weird and three days ago she finally told me why. She told me that she had cheated on me with a friend of mine. I didn’t know what to do, I have been angry, hurt, confused, and in shock. When she told me she seemed completely remorseful and has been the last few days. Calling me whenever she is alone with another guy, even if it is at work. After she told me and i got over the initial shock of it all. I had a ton of questions. Mainly just why. She told me she did it to find old self. Which confused me. Another thing that really hurt ( even though I am not sure why it hurt so bad) was when I asked if they used protection. In which case they did. This still hurts because i don’t understand it. If there was enough time to think about that then why wasn’t there enough time to think this is a bad idea. Even though this has happened I still love her, and I am the most angry because I lost her to another guy if only for a little bit. And i don’t know how to get through these emotions. I haven’t been able to eat or sleep. If i do fall asleep i have a nightmare, where i see her with the other guy and she is happy and excited. An no matter how much i yell or scream she can’t hear and they don’t stop. Am I only guy that has these kinda of questions and dreams?

    • alex says:

      no dude i just found out my wife has been cheating after 22 years , we have 4 kids and she just walked out on us with no remorse, i had a feeling she was because when we had the smallest fight she would be gone every fri, sat , sun, she wont even talk with our smaller kids who are 11 and 13

  7. Peter King says:

    Thanks for the Book. I’ve been married 16 years and found my wife has been cheating. She had a sexual affair for 3 months and then realized it was not the sex, it was the emotional contact and happiness she had talking to this man. They continued without sex for 4 more months before my suspicions were so high and I snooped on her phone to catch her. She has sent a no contact and says she will never see him again, says she doesn’t love him. We are seeing counseling and trying to work through things, we shall see but your book was helpful. I was curious your thoughts on having my wife listen to a few specific sections of your book on audio, specifically survival step 1 and 2 and survival and survival step 2 handle the pain step 1 and 2. Finally, Survival step 3, talking about the affair.
    I think it might help, wanted your opinion

  8. Dear John says:

    The bottom line is that once your woman has crossed the moral red-line by having willing sex with another man, your relationship is dead. No amount of counseling or talking will ever recover your lost dignity as a man. Infidelity is ‘game over.’ Get a divorce, learn from your errors and be much more selective about your romantic choices. You will never regain the cheater’s love and respect if you stay. When it gets to this point, you have already lost her and nothing will ever bring back the love you want so badly. Try again with another woman.

  9. David says:

    Hey Kevin, so 2 weeks ago I found out my wife has been having an affair for a month after 6 years of being together and 3.5 years of being married. We alson have a 16 month old son. When I found out I was crushed and furious at the same time. I literally cried for a couple days. After I found out she was so apologetic and felt terrible and wanted to make things work. So I told her I would give her a chance. I love her so much. So it was hard for me but she txted the guy and told him not to contact again. We went a week and things were tough but I thought we were going to try to save our marriage. I work in the oil and gas industry which requires me to be away from home for two weeks at a time. It’s been tough and I hate it but it’s been this way since we got out of high school. I would get another job where I could be home but that would cut my pay in half and I have asked her many times and she doesn’t want that. So to continue on I had to go back back to work. And a day later her phone connected to our email uploaded nude pictures of herself. I confronted her and she lost her mind on me. I have tried to talk to her about it but she won’t. She is still seeing him and told me she needs a break. I can’t handle this. I haven’t ate anything for 5 days and maybe sleep an hour a night. I have lost 23 lbs in this time. I don’t understand because she is the nicest most loving person I have ever met. And never would have thought she could do this to me and our son. I don’t know what to do. I can’t live like this much longer. I am a complete wreck. I think when I get home I am going to tell her that we need to make this work or I am gone. I need some advise. We have very religious family on both sides and friends that we have I don’t understand how she could live with herself with them knowing. They will never be the same with her. I don’t know what to do with myself in the mean time feeling like this and constantly thinking about when she’s talking to him and having sex with him.

    Thanks, david

  10. Ivan Espinosa says:

    I find out my Wife after are thrid month have marrige started to cheat ion and ias contiuen to see him after I found out it was for six months the month before I leftthe house and it has not even been a year yet. I passed the shock and phase and forgivens phase but should I movie to avoid contact with her to a different are and giver space to relize how much she has hurt me Today I finaly broke all contact with her

  11. Ron says:

    I just found out a few days ago that my wife of 16 years has cheated on me. We have 4 kids and I am drowning in pain from finding this all out. She has been with 5 guys, multiple times in the past year. How am I supposed to get over this. I love her, but I don’t know if I can get through this. Can your system help? We are not talking about my wife having an affair with one other person but multiple guys. 🙁
    Please help confused and lost.

  12. RG says:

    Dear Sir / Madam,
    Last week I came to know that my wife is having an affair with her childhood crush that was reinitiated after 15 years. Although things started in last 20 days and was only on Whatsapp (nothing physical), it was enough to disturb me mentally and give me shock, because after 11 years of marriage with 2 sons I wasn’t expecting this.
    When came to know, I hacked her cell phone and started reading all their messages live and this was big shock for me.
    During their exchange of messages they both realized that they were doing something wrong and had expressed the same that its unethical, cheating etc, still both went ahead and continued chatting by expressing their feeling towards each other. It seems they have overcome the fear and went ahead.
    Its when I busted my wife she started doing all those things such as deny, show the proof etc. After showing the proof she realized that I knew everything and then the second phase started of cry, apology, sorry, forgiveness for mistake, explanation, etc.
    She continuously keep saying that its nothing between them, it was only the 15 years pending expression of feeling that they released now and would not have gone beyond this.
    I accepted all what she said and forgived her and decided to give her another chance and start everything fresh, what worried me is yesterday’s two such instance first is she was crying and I can realized that her cry is not of guilt or shame but because she have to leave all her love to continue with me. Second was yesterday night she again started a topic on how good the other man is and she was so deeply involved while explaining to me that at one time when I was neglecting her talk she slammed me and got angry for not listening.
    These above two instances again shake my confidence that did she really mean the remorse or apology and will repent that she have to leave because of me and kids and family.
    I told her that she should not take any decision out of any botheration or condition, I am ready to be your husband irrespective of your decision. It’s just I don’t want she crying and not happy when with me.
    Please suggest some, I am really confused and lost don’t know what to do.

    Thanks in advance for reply.

  13. RB says:


    I was married for 11 years. It was an arranged marriage. I have a 9 year old daughter. I very much loved my wife. I think she did too in the early phases of the marriage. Then I got down bogged in work, lost the interest to look good and grew very obese and was stuck in loans and was thus not in a great financial shape. But never once in our marriage, I have raised my hand against her and I gave her the dominant status in our relationship because of her extreme intelligence in all matters and her . She had a friendship with a co-worker even before marriage. But after some years after the marriage, she grew closer and closer to this co-worker and started giving him gifts on his birthday like sweaters, purses, and had many many text messages and many calls between them each day. She deleted most of the text messages and the call list from the call logs stating that I would get wrong ideas about them. She said there was nothing between them but just a true friendship. She would never allow me access to her phone and computer and would keep a password to both of them and said that I should trust her. She lost interest in sex with me after 4 years of marriage and she and I would sleep in separate rooms because she was sharing her bed with my daughter.

    Gradually, we started to lose the one thing we loved most, i.e., communication on many topics between us. On weekends, she would just be busy with her work and TV and keep the interaction between us to a minimum. We stopped going out together.

    All these raised some danger signals in my mind, but since I trusted and loved her so much, I closed my eyes to them. But finally, my daughter herself caught an inappropriate text message between my wife and her friend and informed my mother but both of them did not inform me because they thought I would get upset.

    One night, (11 years after the marriage), I caught her red-handed sending and receiving very explicit messages between her and her friend. I was shocked and just sat dazed as what I had suspected deep down in my gut came true. She immediately deleted all the messages in the phone and the computer. She promised me that there was nothing between them.

    I gave her a chance to correct herself. But from then on, I became very suspicious and would try to check her phone as she had kept passwords to her mailbox in her phone. But from the 3 months of the date of catching her red-handed, I saw many messages between them on the phone. Every time, she would say there is nothing between them and would say that she would cut all contact with him but this would be repeated whenever I would find a new text message between them and confront her.

    Finally after 3 months of this, I finally had enough and I knew she would never cut contact with that person even though she knew how much it hurt me and that she gave preference to that relationship over our marriage. I ordered her out of my house and out of my life and she has gone to stay with her parents and I will be shortly doing the due legal process.

    After seeing so many letters from your readers and your replies and advice, it has healed me so much. Now I know why she did it. I have completely erased her from my mind and looking forward to correct my life and move forward.

    Thank you so much Kevin.

  14. Julie says:

    Dear Mr. Jackson, I am a wife that is been married to a truck driver for over nine years, we’ve been together for 17 years. I recently found out that he is been seeing escorts for nine months. I’m still with him and I for gave him, but since then I have caught him several more times, and also seeing a girl on Facebook. He says to trust him now which I don’t because he is never home, I am heartbroken and living a nightmare. My question to you is there any websites out there that can help me through this. I am so distraught and all I do every day is think about what he is doing. He says he is being fateful now, but my gut instinct says that he is not. He says that he loves me, but how can you truly love someone if you can just cheat on them for over year? My gut tells me he’s been cheating for longer than that he call me was very angry when I found out accidentally when a message came through on his phone. He says he is done with everything and that his heart is pure and it’s like it never happened, he tells me not to worry but I constantly am. My anxiety level has hit new heights. I still love him although I feel like I should and my marriage. Can a person really change, or is a cheater always a cheater ? Do you have any advice for me? Thanks,

  15. Frankieh says:

    My wife cheated on me about two years ago. She never told me about the affair. I discovered it by her Facebook messages. Than she told me she ended. I found out later that was another lie. She says she doesn’t remember anything that she did, but she remembered things that the guy said and did. The guy was also a pedophile and she sent pictures of my kids to this man. After this man said foul things about my daughter and he stopped talking to my wife she was mad at him cause he stopped talking to her and not because of what he said about our daughter. I don’t know what to do. She says sorry but she doesn’t show it.

  16. Eric says:

    Dear Mr. Jackson,
    My wife had an affair about 18 years ago and we worked through it and have a great marriage now. Did you and your wife make it through and are doing well now?

  17. Terri Rodriguez says:

    My husband is in prison and I did the ultimate betrayal. I had an affair. It was one time, 5 minutes into it i realized what I was doing and stopped it right then. I told my husband the very next day. It has been nothing but fighting, sarcastic remarks, belittling and hatred ever since. That was three months ago. My heart and his are completely broken. We have no resources to help us. We can’t do audio of your book let alone down loading. So you tell me what do we do. I love my husband and he tells me he loves me, but he can’t trust me and doesn’t ever think he will. He has only 4 months left to go. He’s my life and I made a horrible decision one night. I can’t take it back, I wish I could. He tells me he wants to work through this, but I don’t see how. And I don’t see my marriage making it. Please help us here. What is it if anything could be possible to help my husband and my marriage survive this travesty that I have caused.

  18. BJ says:

    I have been married for 7 years and with my wife for 11. In the last 6 months she had pulled away from me, she started a new job at a bar so she could go to nursing school. In the last 4 months she has gone out atleast once a week coming home at 5 or 6 in the morning without calling no matter how much I call or text because I worry. We have a 3 year old at home and she means the world to us. About a week ago she pulled one of her all nighters where I couldn’t get ahold of her the called me st 7 am saying she left her phone at bar and was black out drunk she crashed at her girl friends house I was so upset I left with my daughter before that she said we should probably get s divorce. I then got over being mad and she was constantly on her phone so when she went upstairs I checked it eventhough she consistently changes her code. My heart dropped as I looked what she actually did that night slept with another guy Chad. I took off and thought for a few days and came back and she left to think about things, in the mean time this guy named Cody her work buddy text her all the time and I have seen a few things that make me think she is with another guy. We calmed down went to counseling to try and work on us she said she was closed off and wouldn’t talk. The two nights before she said she stayed up and talk with him after closing the bar. He had brought her jewelry and I recently found out she started on birth control with out me knowing. That night after therapy she said she was going to try she didn’t come home until 6 am after me calling and texting constantly. I blew up and we filed for divorce. I have been ridding the emotions and can’t get a grip, is she really just friends with this guys or am I blinded by love? Chad she says was only once and she asked for a divorce because she felt so guilty. I love her and wanted to save our marriage but I think it’s gone to far. That morning I also called her parents because I didn’t think she would be home in time to be there for my daughter and I was going to drop her off she didn’t answer my phone calls , now her parents won’t talk to her. All this is supposedly because I was stressed out in school, working, raising our daughter and didn’t think about sex with her in her words

    • Matt Dickerson says:

      I found out about my wife’s affair 8 weeks ago, the OM’s wife put a gps on his car and followed him and caught them parked behind an abandoned warehouse just “talking”. In her fear of someone else telling me first she called from the parking lot and confessed over the phone. Now here is the kicker my wife was the associate pastor at the local Methodist Church and the OM was a member of the church that had gone on a mission trip with her and said he fell in love with her. He was already separated and reached out to my wife for marriage advice or support? They made a friendship that turned into physical relationship and probably strong feelings for each other. Needless to say the other wife turned my wife in to the church and she lost her job, her ordination as a minister, and most of the friends and colleagues that she had been working with her entire career. They have said the affair ended but my wife moved in with her parents and she will only discuss our children with me unless I make her talk and then all she has to say is she does not know what she wants. Our daughters are 10 and 5 and they have also lost most of the friendships made through the church our whole family was a big part of. My wife says she needs time and space to figure out how to love herself she will not commit to keeping our family and seems to be the most selfish person, not at all who she really is or is it? Not sure what to do I love her with all my heart and I desperately want to keep this family together but she makes no effort to reconcile?

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