Infidelity Stories – Is Telling Yours A Mistake?

It’s safe to say I’ve received – and read – more infidelity stories from men who have been cheated on than anyone else on the planet.

Been getting these stories since 2009. Guys write in each week. That’s a LOT of infidelity emails.

Some are short and to the point – others are long, meandering diatribes.

(Prefer watching a video instead of reading? Here you go:)

When we get cheated on, many of us are tempted to write very long letters to our wives, detailing our whole infidelity story: how we’re feeling, how what she did was wrong, perhaps how much we still love her, what we need from her now, how she could have done this, etc.

But we have to ask ourselves – what’s the result we’re trying to get?

If we want our wife to agree with everything we say in a very long letter, we’re often frustrated.

It’s just too much information.

So – if you think a letter is the best way to communicate to your wife, I suggest you use a strategy I learned from Tony Robbins.

It’s called Chunking.

Instead of writing 1 super long letter, break up the idea into bite size chunks, and write one letter for each chunk.

Make each one 1-2 pages max.

Give one of them to your wife, have her read it, sit down and talk about it. Ask if she needs you to clarify anything you’ve said. Listen to what she has to say. Try to see things from her point of view – without giving up yours.

90% of the time it works a lot better than writing a 10+ page thesis and expecting your wife to have empathy for everything you said.

Try it yourself.

Talk soon,
Kevin Jackson

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Talk soon,

Kevin Jackson

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4 Responses to Infidelity Stories – Is Telling Yours A Mistake?

  1. Gene M. says:

    Greetings Kevin,

    I listened to your video blog, and would like to touch on a few points – the husband mentioned that wrote his wife a freakin’ 46-page letter expressing his anger, sorrow, etc. has got to understand a few things – that writing his wife this type of letter says to her the following:

    1. That he is extremely NEEDY – seemingly with NO life for HIMSELF, other than with her;

    2. That he is a WEAK man – displaying NO strength to be able to deal with and cope with the reality of what has happened;

    3. That he has exhibited signs of DEPRESSION, and may act in a violent way towards her and possibly himself, and these are the reasons why she wants absolutely no contact with him going forward!

    Although I may empathize with this brother and his situation, I do NOT feel sorry for him – here’s why:

    I was married for seven years to a decent woman (2001 – 2008), when I found out she had cheated on me with an ex-boyfriend – now to be fair, I was NOT giving her the loving tenderness, great sex, etc. required to make a marriage work – so although the affair was totally HER fault (and she DOES understand this), I also accept my responsibility as a man and husband with regards to my neglect, but CANNOT justify her cheating with another man, when there were other options available to her.

    Here’s where this whole dynamic became interesting – and I being the one with the POWER, and my ex-wife being the one feeling GUILTY as all hell (and where REVERSE PSYCHOLOGY was sheer GENIUS) – I actually THANKED her for her cheating on me, and I also told her that by her doing this, had AWOKEN a sleeping GIANT within me!!!!! That I promise I WILL overcome this, get my life in ORDER, and that I WILL learn ALL there is to truly PLEASING my woman(women) – and that the ex-boyfriend was more than welcomed to her – no screaming, nor fits of rage – all with complete CALM!!!!!

    I could tell that this scared the living SH*T out of her, as she’s thinking, “oh no, what have I done – how can he so relaxed about this,” as she knew I was SERIOUS!

    Fast-forward to present day, I’m in the process of starting my own business, taking voice over lessons (I have a strong baritone voice), training to be a masseuse, learning how to invest for long-term wealth and security, being taught how to cook and bake authentic and healthy foods! I am consistently LEARNING and GROWING – becoming MORE!

    On the fitness and social side, I exercise regularly at the gym, and at home, I bike ride, am adventurous, have a small but incredible group of friends, and an amazing family! I also have two, yes TWO phenomenal girlfriends, who are honest, loyal, and trustworthy, and LOVE me endlessly!!!!!

    Kevin, basically, my life now is INCREDIBLE, and I owe it in part to my wife’s affair! That is why I wanted to share my story with my gentlemen brethren who read your blog, and are on your email list, to let them know, that if you use your wife’s affair as MOTIVATION and create a WONDERFUL, and PURPOSE DRIVEN life for yourself, she, and her awful affair will become a very DISTANT memory – and don’t be surprised if she ADMITS her mistake, and BEGS you to take her back – giving YOU the POWER!!!!!

    My ex-wife is aware of my life NOW (we have remained friends), and is CONSTANTLY telling me about how cheating on me is the BIGGEST MISTAKE she’s made in her life, and wishes she can go back and change things! Being the one in POWER is AWESOME fellas!!!!!

    So my brothers, we are MEN, and we MAKE SH*T HAPPEN – GO AND DO IT!!!!!

    GENE M.

  2. WILL says:

    Ok now I have asked exactly 10 different people this question and 5 of them said that obviously she don’t feel any remorse and she will do it again,the other half said that if her attitude changed that the “CHUMP” would think that something isn’t right,I would like to hear your perspective on the question please,the question is this, and this is just hypothetical,AFTER YOU TOOK YOUR WIFE BACK WHEN YOU FOUND OUT WHAT SHE HAD DONE AND SHE SAID IT WAS A MISTAKE THIS AND THAT CRYING AND SHIT BUT BOUT A MONTH LATER WENT BACK WITH THE ATTITUDE AS BEFORE WOULD YOU THINK THAT SHE REALLY LIED AND FEELS NO REMORSE,OR DO YOU THINK THAT IF SHE TREATED YOU ANY DIFFERENTLY THAT YOU WOULD THINK SOMETHING WAS UP”?.

    • Will says:

      I’m in a similar boat. Without knowing more I’ll say this..
      There is 2 issues at work..

      1) Her affair.
      2) Problems in your relationship before the affair. If you don’t step up and do your part. She can easily become jaded again.. Make sure to see her side.. To help me keep it separate I focus on everything that happened up before the day of the first time. I own that.. After the affair happened I look at as a different issues because what she was feeling after that is a result of the releationship problems and the affair and thats on her not you.

  3. Brian R. says:

    My wife had her affair in 2013. With an old college boyfriend. The one that got away so to speak. Yes it took alot out of me as it did all of us but I didn’t make any permanent decisions on temporary feelings. As a healthcare employee I looked for some medical reason why. My wife has a strong family hx of depression. Turns out her Mom had an affair. Doesn’t excuse what she did(found him on facebook) but I just couldn’t walk away from someone with mental illness. But the good stuff here is I saw my wife fight to win me back. She was the one who found this site and ordered me the ebook! That is genuine remorse. Nearly 3 years later we are closer than ever and trying to put this all behind us. Still have a flashback once in a while but for me this affair proved to her what a piece of shit he was. His wife had an affair on him too so he knows how this feels. But my life now is better than ever and we are active in Church and our kids lives and turned a negative into a positive.

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