Cheating Wife? 3 Thoughts To Always Keep In Mind

Over the past 5+ years through my free newsletter, ebooks, and other online products I’ve been fortunate enough to help thousands of men deal with a cheating wife and heal from the emotional fallout.

One of the most important things any man who finds himself in this situation can do – is to get a handle on his THOUGHTS.

Because let’s face it – when we find out our woman is cheating our thoughts get a little warped. Even crazy.

We need to replace these dark “irrational” thoughts with more accurate thinking. When we do, we’ll start to feel just a tad bit better. And every little bit counts when we’re in the middle of the emotional hell a cheating wife can trigger.

Here are the 3 thoughts I want you to always keep in mind (you can watch the video below – I apologize for the sound quality – or just read the text under the video):

1) No, You’re Not Going Crazy

Everybody feels like their going at least a little crazy when their wife cheats on them.

It’s okay. It’s natural. It doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with you (unless you’re making plans to hurt yourself or someone else – in that case see a therapist right away).

There’s a difference between thinking crazy thoughts and actually GOING crazy. What most people experience after infidelity is a temporary form of crazy. Remind yourself it’s just a period you’ll get through. And don’t do anything stupid.

2) It’s Not Your Fault

It’s easy to do Monday morning quarterbacking and find little – or big – things you could have done to prevent the affair.

But this kind of thinking will just drive you more cray cray.

The affair is your wife’s fault, plain and simple.

Sure, you weren’t a perfect husband. But no man is. It doesn’t justify your wife to go out and have an affair. Some women will try to put the responsibility on you. Stand your ground.

3) You’re Not Alone

Perhaps the most depressing thing about infidelity is the loneliness we feel. Not only can we no longer count on our wife – it seems no one else in the world can relate to the pain we’re going through.

But this isn’t really true.

It’s difficult to put an exact number on the frequency of infidelity, but it looks like somewhere in the neighborhood of 50+% of marriages suffer from infidelity at one point or another.

That means a TON of people have gone through, are doing through or WILL go through what you’re experiencing right now.

You’re anything but alone.

It’s one thing to know this – but it’s another to feel it.

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As you read their stories you’ll begin to get a feeling deep down in your bones that you AREN’T alone (and, btw, that you’re not going crazy and it’s not your fault).

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Talk soon,

Kevin Jackson

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