Largest Survey Of It’s Kind Reveals Men Still In Love After Wife Cheats

According to the ground-breaking survey I started 12 months ago – collecting responses from over 1500 men – us guys are much more forgiving of infidelity than previously thought.

In fact, 71% of “cuckolded” men responded they still loved their wives, despites the fact that the wives had had affairs.

Here are the actual results:

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These results are significant, and suggest that the typical male belief that “if she ever cheated, I’d be outta there in a heartbeat” doesn’t hold true when push comes to shove.

In fact, several other findings shed even more light on the topic:

FINDING #1: Men Desperately Want To Save Their Marriages (Still)

  • Only 7.9% of the men polled said they didn’t want to save their marriages.
  • 92% said they either wanted to save their marriages, or they weren’t sure

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This suggests the overwhelming majority of men do not pull the “divorce trigger” when their wife has an affair. They have a strong motivation to keep their families and family intact, despite their internal pain and trauma.

FINDING #2: Men’s Emotional Trauma Is Their Biggest Ever

  • 91.1% of men surveyed said their wife’s affair was the hardest thing they ever went through.
  • Only 8.9% had been through worse events (examples are military duty, death of multiple family members over a short period of time, severe hospitalizations)

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Most men are unprepared for the sheer force of emotional devastation affairs bring. Few ever suspect that this event would be the hardest they ever face.


The fact that men are willing to “work through” infidelity in their marriage – despite the soul crushing pain of the emotional trauma – is testament to the desperation many men feel.

This despereation is fueled by the fact that most men – as well as women – never seriously consider infidelity as a threat to their marriage… until it’s too late.

We as a society must overcome our taboo on discussing the prevalence of affairs if we are to address this problem directly – and save ourselves from this most basic and archetypcal of human pains.


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Kevin Jackson is an internationally recognized relationship expert who, after being betrayed himself, has gone on to help thousands of men recover quickly from their wife’s affair. He is the author of Survive Her Affair, creator of the exclusive Survive Her Affair Online Forum, and has designed a proven 4-step approach that allows men to successfully heal from infidelity. He’s available for interviews and speaking engagements.

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One Response to Largest Survey Of It’s Kind Reveals Men Still In Love After Wife Cheats

  1. James Keeton says:

    I recently found out my wife cheated on me a few months ago and the pain is not getting better. I feel like I am taking it worse than the day she told me about it. It’s like the initial shock of the betrayal is starting to go away and I now feel the full effects of this throbbing, agonizing pain. I feel humiliated and my already fragile self confidence has been completely destroyed. I desperately want to save my family but to be honest, if it wasn’t for out beautiful baby boy I would have told her to hit the road. I still love her but I feel like she has “one uped” me in our marriage. I do not intend on seeking revenge but just the idea that she has had sex with someone else during our marriage is the worst thing I have ever experienced. And I have been to war.

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