The #1 Secret To Get Your Confidence Back Fast

My name is Kevin Jackson.

Last month, hundreds of men just like you came to this site looking for advice on how to recover from their wife’s affair.

Men like you write in to me every single week, sharing their stories and asking for advice.

Like you, they are going through the humiliation, jealousy, rage, and gut-wrenching pain of finding out the woman they love slept with another man.

I wrote the first and only eBook for men on this topic. (Hell, I actually invented the “Affair Recovery For Men” category…)

And every week guys write in thanking me for putting this advice “out there.”

I don’t say this to brag – I say this to let you know you’re in the right place. This may be an ugly website, but don’t let the furnishings fool you. You’ve just found the “map” to get control of your emotions, make sense of it all, and make damn smart decisions moving forward.

The simple truth is that this is the only site on the entire Internet that focuses on helping MEN recover from their wife’s betrayal.

It’s the only one. All the other advice you’ll find online is written primarily for women, because women get cheated on more than men do (about 50% more often). That means most “customers” for this sort of advice are women. So other experts write with women in mind.

Not me.


Becuase I know your pain. I’ve been there. My wife betrayed me too….

The obsessions. The sleepless nights. The jealousy. The crazy thoughts. Yep, been through all that. I’m right there with you.

When it happened to me several years ago, I set out on a personal mission to become the world’s leading expert on affair recovery for men. It’s been a long journey and I’ve learned a hell of a lot. You’re about to discover the secrets to recovery that my research – and interacting with hundreds of men in your shoes – uncovered.

The #1 thing you need to do right now is download my free report below. It’ll get you on the path to healing faster than anything else. Join the thousands of men around the world who have downloaded it and are feeling better now because of it.

I’ll email it to you as soon as you enter your email below. And on the next page you’ll learn about my ground-breaking eBook “Survive Her Affair.” You may want to get that too.

I know your pain. I’ve been there. And I’ve found a way out. Let me prove it to you.

Download my free report now. The report – along with my eBook – will help you heal faster than anything else you will find. That’s my promise to you.

See you on the other side.

Kevin Jackson

“I read your 7 mistakes. I just wanted to thank you for putting that on the internet. I feel better and I know I have a roller coaster ride though hell. I know I will be stronger once I pass hell and turn into a stronger person. Thank you again. You are a good man to help people after what you went through. Maybe one day I can help people like you have helped me.” – Bill, Australia

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22 Responses to The #1 Secret To Get Your Confidence Back Fast

  1. ST says:


    I have read a lot stuffs from the u-tube and e-mail that you have send me. I found those are very helpful. I join your forum and my story on Jan 6th 2014. I have a big challenge to get through the stage of denial. My wife cheated on me and the kid is not mine but I am still in love my wife and I know she is still in love with me. We both want to save our marriage. Would you please give me your advice about my situation. Thank you and I really appreciate your help.

  2. jay hutto says:

    Can’t get it out of my mind.

  3. Larry smith says:

    Like your video, can’t wait to read more

  4. seraj says:

    I am married for 16 years and caught my wife having an affair with another married guy she denied it at first but later on admitted to it. I forgave her considering we have 2 kids . Things were fine for about 2 years and then I realised somthing was not right. She would avoid going out with me and the kids. So I decided I want to know what she does in the house so I purchased a small video camera and hid it in the house when I went out with the kids so the next day I go through the video footage and was devasted. The same guy the second time around in my house having sex with her.I’m in pain and do not know what to do plz help

    • santos delgado says:

      I was in tha same thng brow…i got tieard and left her i knew she was hoarng around no proof…hv to butif daughter s….u hv tha proof get a lawyer take ur kids…let her go…it will not work…u can forgive but cant forget tht a other man had her….let her go get ur kids

  5. says:

    my wife cheated on me

  6. richard says:

    hi im lookin for help,, i think my babysmother is cheating on me and i dont have alot of money to realy get anything that i get proof with. but its happend before after she got pregnet with my son and now shes pregnet again and acting funny with her phone and other little things. im afraid this baby isnt mine and I jus have to findout cause its killing me knowing my girls unloyal but what hurts the most is the thought of not being able to have my son everyday.

  7. leon brown says:

    Need help why wife wants to leave me

  8. Tarnue Moiyallah says:

    I need help my wife want to leave me. I’m so tired of begging.

    • santos delgado says:

      If she wants to leave u perty sure she has another guy…pep change dont beg let her go move on thrs lots of women out thr ….

  9. Wil says:

    Mine did too.

  10. shahbqr says:

    how should i gain back my trust ???

  11. John roit says:

    In lot of pain

  12. Mia says:

    This hurt and pain. I have to know the truth is my fiance cheating. ?? He lies a lot .I want to know the truth so I can sleep at night. Help please

  13. O.Rosado says:

    Im just cant believe it!

  14. Jason Diggs says:

    Some years back I moved out of my house because I got tired of fighting with my wife. I was hoping this would help abd got us to go see a marriage counselor she refused. When I came home one day, the computer screen was on with emails to another man. I was very devasted because these were love emails. I found out she was sleeping him, after that I was so angry I couldn’t think straight. It’s been several years and I am constantly falling into a depression, I need help to get out of this mind set.

  15. Henry says:

    My wife took a sudden last minute trip to Rome and says her friend made a airline name transfer to my wife’s name which I thought was suspect and I haven’t heard from her all week

  16. Henry Adorno says:

    I think my wife is having a affair

  17. Dex says:

    I think my wife is cheating

  18. John Hatina says:

    Please help

  19. Donald McQueen says:

    Hurting like hell!

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