If Your Wife Betrayed You But You Still Love Her...

"Finally! If Your Wife Cheated & You Want To Save Your Marriage Or Figure Out If You Even Should... Now You Can Get Customized Advice For Your Exact Situation..."

From the desk of:
Kevin Jackson
Re: Affair Recovery Coaching Program

Dear Friend,

My name is Kevin Jackson.

Every day men come to my website... men who are in pain... men who want answers... men who want relief and direction.

These men, like you and I, know first hand the emotional hell that happens when we discover our wife was unfaithful to us.

Unfortunately, this hell isn't a temporary storm that rages... and then leaves. No, it can linger for months, even YEARS, without the right help.

That's one reason I wrote the ground-breaking eBook "Survive Her Affair - The Only Affair Recovery Guide Just For Men."

My eBook is the first tool in a toolkit I created to help us men get through the mess our wife made when she cheated.

But there's ANOTHER powerful tool in this tool kit...

Why One 30-Minute Coaching Session Is Better Than 5 Hours Of Online "Research"...

Two important facts every man who has been cheated on needs to understand:

Fact #1:

Almost all of the affair recovery advice you'll find online and in books is written for WOMEN.

Fact #2:

Much of the advice for women "misses the mark" if you're a guy.


You need advice that is written from a man's perspective if you want to heal as quickly as possible and figure out what to do - whether than means trying to save your marriage or deciding if that's even a healthy choice.

My eBook has that advice, and I get a ton of men writing in telling me how the book has made a huge impact on their recovery... but some men want more... they want customized support and advice on their particular situation... straight from someone who not only is an expert... but someone who has walked in your shoes.

Yes, I know the pain of betrayal first hand. I know how crazy it can feel. I know how shitty it can feel. I know the feelings of betrayal and jealousy can turn your whole world upside down... and even get you questioning who you are as a man.

But let me get back to my question:

Above, I asked why 30-minutes of coaching can be better than 5 hours of online research...

Here's Your Answer...

If most affair recovery advice is for women, and men need something different, it means most of what you see online won't help you.

You probably already figured this out.


What if you could get direct access to someone who is an expert at helping men heal from getting cheated on?

What if you could ask this expert ANYTHING about your situation... even topics that aren't covered in any book?

What if you could talk to this expert once a week on the phone, discuss any new challenges that have popped up with your wife?

What if you had a "sounding board" where you could get your thoughts out of your head and share them to someone who isn't going to judge you... who knows what you're going through and can point out what you're doing that will help your recovery... and what you're doing that will slow it down?

Do you think that would help you?

Listen To What These Guys Say About What My Coaching Program Did For Them:

"You helped in a big way..."

"Guys want help and need help. And they're not so inclined to pick up the phone and talk to a therapist... You helped me in a big way. Thanks for everything. I have nothing but gratitude for everything you've done to help me in my darkest hour..." - Jonathon

"Empowered me to stand up..."

"In a large way, it empowered me to stand up and tell her she scr*wed up. No matter how bad the marriage was - I didn't deserve it. And it really helped to have someone to talk to..." - David M.

"Things have definitely gotten better with Kevin's help..."

"At first I was a bit hesitant about this whole coaching thing. But once I got started, I realized it's great having someone over the phone I can speak to about this freely. With help from Kevin, I realize now I don't need to bend over backwards for my wife. That was my problem before - I was too much of a good husband guy... too agreeable. Now I'm saving my energy on my kids and my own work and lifestyle. I don't miss her as much when she's gone as I used to. I'm not pursuing her as much. And now when she's talking to me I sense more joy or happiness in her voice - it's stronger than it was before. More hugs too. Things have definitely gotten better with Kevin help." - Ed C., Toronto, 62, Married 20 years.

"Not many people you can talk to..."

"This is helping me Kevin, because not many people want to hear it, and not many people you can talk to." - Marc J.

"You bring up things I wasn't even looking at..."

"Talking to friends is one thing. But it's good to hear someone from the complete outside. You bring up things I wasn't even looking at..." - Bruce B .

"I'm finally getting control over my emotions..."

"Three months ago when I started talking to you, I couldn't imagine life without her. It hurt just thinking about it. I could make myself cry thinking about being by myself. Now when I think about it? Not so bad. I'm finally getting control over my emotions... I've been spending money on a therapist, she never said anything as insightful as you. Thank you..." - Marc R.

"Better talking to you than a therapist..."

"I like to look at things from a common sense approach. I think that's why I do better talking to you than talking to that therapist. She doesn't realize every single person is different... Thanks a lot Kevin, I appreciate it." - Wynn A.

"I've learned a tremendous amount..."

"You have been extremely enlightening. I truly appreciate your insight on this. It helped me get to the point where I've learned a tremendous amount about me, other people, and my wife..." - Marc B.

"You truly understand what I'm going through..."

"It's really good talking to you. My therapist is the only one I can talk to, and he's never been through anything like this. It helps tremendously to get my feelings out to someone who can TRULY understand them..." - Mike S.

"You've been through this..."

"I've been seeing a counselor for about a month. And that's useful but... I wanted to hear from someone who had been through it and get more practical advice. You know how counselors work - they sit in a chair, I talk, and they occasionally ask a question. But there's not anything practical or actionable. I want to focus on practical things that I can do better now to win my wife back. You've been through this and successful managed to get over it..." - Tim D.

"More helpful than anything..."

"I told my wife about you several times and how you have been more helpful than anything. Thank you for what you do..." - Randy R.

The Benefits Of My Coaching Program

Here are a few benefits of getting coached by me:

1) Saves time over driving to a therapist (coaching is done over the phone)

2) If you've read my book then you already know something about my philosophy (instead of starting with a therapist you essentially know nothing about)

3) You know I have personal experience with affairs (something most therapists don't... or won't tell you even if they do)

4) Not only do I have experience with affairs, I'm a GUY who has experience with affairs. I've been in your shoes (something no female therapist can say).

I believe some therapists are good and that my coaching is a great addition to therapy, or a great alternative if you don't want to see a therapist but still want individual help to heal as fast as possible.

How It Works...

When you become a coaching client we have 1 call a week. You get a full 30 minutes per call.

We'll tackle the current challenges you're having with recovering from the affair, and I'll share with you EVERYTHING I can on the call to help you.

As long as you feel coaching is helping you make progress faster, then keep going. When you reach a point where you're ready to move on, just let me know and we'll stop the coaching. It's as simple as that.

I offer coaching in 4 session blocks. Since we'll do 1 session a week, each block lasts about a month. The current price for a 4 session block is just $247.

The value you'll get from coaching is enormous. (Just re-read the list of testimonials above.)

If this price is at all a "stretch" for you, then my coaching program isn't for you.

Now, Here's The Challenge - And What To Do About It...

Because I devote personal energy to each coaching client, I can only coach a limited number of men. This means that enrollment in my coaching program is sometimes closed.

But when a space becomes available, I let guys who are on my "Priority Notification" list know about it.

At that point, it becomes a first come, first served type of thing. Once the slots are filled, they're filled.

I wish I could duplicate myself and coach a lot more guys... but I just can't.

If you're curious about coaching, go ahead and get on my Priority Notification list right now. That's your best bet.

Just enter your name and email below, and myself or my assistant will let you know when a space opens up (obviously I won't share or rent your email to anyone for any reason):


Here's to your recovery,

Kevin Jackson
Author, "Survive Her Affair"
Creator of The Survive Her Affair Online Forum